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In order to participate in a weekly competition, you must first log in or register.

Then, you have to make predictions for all the football matches that make up one or several grids of the weekly competition.

For the 13 matches of "STRYKTIPSET", you will have at your disposal 6 single predictions and 7 double predictions.

For any simple predictions, you should tick a single box from among the three possible choices: 1, X or 2. However, the double prediction offers you the possibility of ticking two boxes out of the three possible choices: 1, X and 2.

To find out the list of our various competitions and the values of the corresponding prizes, do not hesitate to consult the “Competitions” and “Prizes” pages.

You can change your predictions at any time before finally registering them.


You can improve your predictions in different ways. We provide you with the statistics for each team, as well as results from past matches between the two teams.

At least four distributions are available. You can consult and analyse the different percentages of the three signs (1, X, 2) for each match of the grid.

We also make available rankings and statistics on the different matches of the grid as well as on all the participants in our competitions.

Besides, if you wish to know the predictions of a participant, you can visualise his grid at any time.